Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And This One Just Isn't For The Taking

And for this you wanted.

All us forsaken freaks.

And i drank from your

same draught and accused you

of the same deeds.

Cut the monkey's hand and

hang it from your neck.

Your curses are not far from

the shores of your slavish

meandering desiries.

Fill you fucking coffers

and lick the roots of your

securities. You'll find those blessings

washed up on those very same beaches.

Your slanderous letters and your vile

associations. Shake hands with the boss

because the owner doesn't want to fight.

He'll sell you out for the prospect

of shoelaces and his logo on

your properties. Your fucking gifts have

the smack of smallpox and not

even your filthy blankets are big enough

to wrap warmth up inside.

I know i did it, i laced the necklace

through its boney wrist. The incantations

i recited i learned by marching in

time. Your wishes will come true.

Your vanities yield definate results. While

i'm a failure, i'm not your failure anymore.

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