Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Promised Love Letter; Long Overdue

i wish we were still running together
i wish i saw your silhouette ahead
i still follow your path along the ridge lines.
but i could not hold your pace,
if i was to finish this race;
but you, you taught me how to run.
the scent of you on my sleeve
would spur me when i was too fatigued
and even now it is visions of you
that that i hold, that keep me ahead.
it is more lonesome on this trail
now that you're not ahead of me
and i would do anything to catch
the light of your smile
as you dance footfall treading
among these stones.
you asked me once to write this down for you
i wonder if i had would i be writing now?
and so it is i chase your auburn hair flowing
racing and running, praying this one will do...
i will shatter my feet and split these legs
as only these humble limbs are able;
but for this overdue letter, this calling out
it is for this i run.
that you will find it, and wait for me
and keep this race
and meet me at
some place along the way
for even my sierras'
wait for your grace,
and i hope it will be there
and while i expect you will forever run faster
please read my overdue, promised letter
and wait for me at different stops
along the way
so i can finish this race with you.

January 31, 2010
Michael Salonius