Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to the Wolf Pack Runners! The Wolf Pack Runners provides coaching and personal training for the aspiring runner. Whether you’re a newbie who’s interested in giving running a try, to the advanced athlete looking to compete for the fast 5K, or seasoned marathon runner, the Wolf Pack will get you to the finish line smiling and injury free. Our philosophy is that running is a natural part of the human experience and when done properly it serves to build healthy bodies, minds, hearts, and communities.

The Wolf Pack is a metaphor that describes our primary belief: run together or die alone! Ultimately it will be the individual who pushes their comfort zone to achieve new levels of fitness, but it takes a community of support to make it fun and inspirational. The Wolf Pack is made up of seasoned veterans to new cubs – we are committed to nurturing everyone’s personal goals and present abilities.

The Wolf Pack has club runs for its members. We provide coaching and personal training. If you live in the Los Angeles area you may train with Michael Salonius personally, If you’re out of the area it’s easy to train with the Pack through the internet & phone with your own customized schedule designed to get your run on!

Contact us for pricing and scheduling:

salonius (at) gmail.com