Friday, January 14, 2011


I have fire in the hearth

and radiance around the mantel;

wine pressed from grapes

that soothe grievous wounds.

It is a sunset sky streaked

with wild laughter

and thunder that relieves the

hot summer.

Dispelling the uncertainty that

folds in like mist, occluding

crisp vision and sharp focus.

Beyond treacherous willows and sycamores;

where oak is flame and renewal;

the floorboards tell tales and

lead to slumber of mythic

portrails that enwrap the body

of fragility with genuine might.

These are the treasures that we sought;

yet, were only available in between breaths.

These humble gates hold up noble banners,

providing real shelter and the starlit night

can truly be a jeweled marvel

that reflects the beacons, the bonfires;

telling the lonely their sojourns are over.

For home has been recovered.