Thursday, September 8, 2011

Set Afire The Forest

In night time's terrors I dislike
A great swath of you.
A vibrant tapestry of
Miserable colors. A jealous
Instability to provide footing
For bruised knees.
I have broken so many
bones it is laughable.
But i'm only now enjoying the humor.
It tasks me, this Great Thing.
And of it, that's all i'm certain.
So much depends upon which
End of the harpoon we are on.
Oh jealous and Mad sob -
I weep hideous strength
On your shoulder;
Pound one more gold bullion onto your mast.
It washes up on green Hawaiian shores;
Falls over glacial spillway - slowly
And breaks, and breaks hulls.
It seizes tight laces on steel-toed boots.
The intensity vanishes when I
Rely upon it.
How vapid is stoicism and sobriety;
It concludes exactly the same
But only to brow-beat one more artful heart;
Seems to it, its whimsical leisure.
Terrorize the night sky with
Your voice.
Pound out song as fiery as the stars.
Sing fierce - fight back watered Heaven's spears.
Only night's furnace forges hard-favored Rage.
To match the wild claws
One must set afire the Forest.

-Michael Salonius
September 8, 2011
For Zohar & Daniel's, soon to be, firstborn child.