Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Substance And The Impulse

I shall not just Rage
Against the dying of the light.
I shall Rage at anything that
Dare enrage me.

I shall shall strike fierce
With that indomitable thunder,
That ferocity that Nature
Conjures to overthrow,
That fairplay herein that
Presides over all of Nature.

With Rage i show economies
What my base materials are.
With Rage i will demonstrate
The substance of anti-exclusionary ideology;
Unique and inclusive are
Not antithetical.

More than just the
Dying of the light,
I shall not go peacefully anywhere.
Not anymore.

With Rage i balance fear
And face constructs that
Nationalism forges, that other word
That bigotry so better frames.

It is not enough to just react.
I shall more than just embody.
I am that impulse, itself, that
Thrusts against all obstacles.
That is that unrestrainable vitality.

For it is not enough just to
Rage against the dying of the Light.