Sunday, January 5, 2014

Burdened With Duty For Starlight

There are these stars...
And I am struck dumb
With love for the moon.
And I am so in love with the moon
And stars.
How can these trees
Hold up the eternal sky?
And how am I able
To witness their task?
I love sunlight
On the ocean's waves.
Those stars,
Those stars.
Am I priest to your light?
If I could stay awake,
All night.
Every night.
And whisper to the wind
What mysteries are revealed
In the dark hours
In the company of trees.
My heart, it cannot bear
The distance, the time
The separation of walls
That provide me shelter.
I would leap and sit and crawl
And build my altar.
But these eyes
Like light from the moon
And wet from the rain
Contain the throb of these impulses
To the deepest roots.
Please let me live my days
In full blossoming love of:
The wind
The rain
The stars.
Breathe me out
And wash me upon
Beaches where mountains grow
Upward to the gates of the snows.
Send me upon the rocky waters.
Collect my bones
In shallow pools
Of cold rivers' runoff
And spillways for the
Clear green lagoons.
Please please please
Do not cut me off from
The High Places.
Of cactus silhouetted against
Dark nights.
Deserts and wheeling ravens.
Send my teeth into
The sands and pierce
My tongue on the thorns
And rocks.  
Allow me, the trees
To hold up the skies.
Let me weep rain
And witness owls' hidden hours.
Oh my stars,
Let me be your priest.

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