Sunday, December 11, 2016

To Those Who Voted For Donald Trump

A Letter To My Fellow Americans Who Voted For Donald Trump:

In the weeks after the election of Donald Trump, I have experienced many thoughts and feelings.  Now I feel compelled to voice my feelings and opinions, having deliberated on them for some time now.  Listen up; I will not unify under this president nor will I acquiesce in the spirit of democracy.  When you chose to vote a man into Executive Office who mocked the disabled, glorified the abuse of women, scapegoated minorities, and surrounded himself with people who espouse white nationalism, I retreat.  I do not retreat from my civic duties, however.  I retreat from civil discourse with you, the supporter of Donald Trump.  When you throw your weight behind a man who has signaled his desire to do harm to large swaths of our American community, you have identified yourself as someone who is either a white nationalist, or someone who is comfortable with white nationalism.  If you deny these two, you are either unconscious of your own institutional bigotry (and probably ignorant regarding institutional racism), or you are dishonest and seeking slippery arguments to avoid the social shame, you deeply deserve.  You have, in effect, chosen to deny me of my ability to feel safe in your “Great White America”.  Political reasons are aplenty to decry Donald Trump’s presidency; with his administration picks from organizations that deny science and will harm the environment; with economic policy makers that will undo the safeguards that put back our economy after the collapse in 2008 – but none of these merit the charge of evil.  It is the selection of Stephen Bannon and Jeffery Sessions that expose the evil behind a Donald Trump’s presidency.  It is the inclusion of people who are publicly associated with the American neo-Nazi Party, and the Klu Klux Klan – and the inclusion of people who believe that human beings who are sexually attracted to the same sex may be manipulated and abused into changes that fit their own religious constructs – that leave me no choice but to utter the phrase that my own family, and my ancestors uttered after the genocide of my people, “Never Again.”  I have heard many friends who support Donald Trump say, “Let’s see what he does,” but I will not.  We have already seen enough.  I believe the erosion of human rights always starts with the acceptance of the periphery that denies those rights for the interest of some idealized, “greater good.”  But what good can come from denying human beings their humanity?  When Donald Trump’s policy makers argue for registering Muslims – for rounding up human beings who have fled economically deprived countries (often because American economic systems destroyed their native economies) – or blaming the deterioration of high-paying labor careers on a cabal of international Jewish bankers – you have drawn the line, not me.  You have signaled the desire to fight.  You have made clear that your intentions are to harm the vulnerable.  You have painted your face with the markings of your tribe, the tribe of hate, intolerance, and white nationalism.  Thus, I will respond in kind; I will be intolerant of your intolerance.  There is zero moral equivalency between the fight to oppress others, and the fight to overthrow oppression.  This is a fact I am intimately familiar with – having survived stabbings and numerous attempts on my life by neo-Nazis.  You, who have voted for Donald Trump, are now the oppressors – especially when he did not receive the majority of votes – even more so that foreign countries used espionage to elect Donald Trump into office.  If there is but one good outcome from this election, it is that we see you now, for whom you really are.  You are the enemy of tolerance; you are the enemy of equality; you are the impulse that gives rise to the resistance.  I am that resistance. 

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